Rabbit Records

Rabbit Records doo is the company founded in February 2011. And it is located in Podgorica, Montenegro. 

.Predominant activity of our company is music publishing. Also, it is registered for marketing and consulting business, as well as audio/video production. 

In its vast spectrum of business activities, we successfully run Ethno Jazz Club Sejdefa in the city center.


jazz, blues, classical

Trough publishing activities, the main aim of the company on the Montenegrin market is to popularize less commercial musical genres (jazz, blues, classical, rock, fusion, hip-hop music) and artists who create their own music in those genres with the emphasis on authors from Montenegro.


recording, mix, master, arrangements

Usluge kompletnog lanca produkcije. 

AUDIO: From your thoughts and ideas, trough complete process of work (composition, arrangement, studio services, solo artists, off voice recordings), to final product – MASTER. We have a possibility to engage with authors and professionals from the industry sector. 

VIDEO: At your disposal, we have a large team of professionals, is in business for more than a decade and works on significant projects related to video production in Montenegro.Considering your business plans, we gather the team which will help You develop all your projects.


research, strategy, communications

Numerous contacts and cooperation with the most influential media (electronic and print), can guarantee you adequate media coverage and highest quality product presentation on the market. Planning the campaign or positioning the final brand product, our team of marketing experts is at your disposal 24/7.